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Political Engagement

Encourage African states to use a sustainable plant-based food system as a key tool to fight climate change, to meet the need of the growing population, but also as a geopolitical strategy to become self-sufficient in the long term.

Our Ambition


Engage with policymakers at the local, national, and international levels to advocate for policies that support a shift towards a sustainable plant-based food system made in Africa, instead of factory farms, promoting food sovereignty and food safety.


Build strategic alliances and partnerships with other African non-profit organizations who share similar goals in Africa, such as local, national and international animal & human rights organisations, environmental groups and public health organizations.

Strategic partnerships

Research & Development

Promote legislations to boost Made in Africa innovations in the plant-based food industry.

Provide evidence-based research and resources, to promote legislations aiming to incentivise and support farmers willing to move towards sustainable plant-based agriculture instead of animal farming.

Support local farmers

"He who feeds you, control you"
Thomas Sankara
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