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Inspire people to understand why and how going plant-based, while embracing our own cultures and traditions.


Social Media

Create awareness campaigns and share educational resources online taking into consideration cultural aspects, to decolonise our minds, better understand the moral implication of veganism, and the benefits of a plant-based diet for health and environmental reasons.


Share tips, recipes, and relevant content to debunk the preconceived ideas of veganism and a plant-based diet. 

Promote the work of both animal rights activists and plant-based influencers from African heritage.

Afro Plant-Based Cook Book

Create a cookbook with plant-based recipes of African traditional dishes from over 20 countries across the continent, and a guide on affordable and accessible African meat and fish replacements. The cookbook will not just show "how" to go plant-based in Africa but also "why". 

Afro Plant-Based Challenge

Partner with Veganuary to create a veggie challenge with afro plant-based recipes taking into consideration the diversity of African cultures, with nutritionists from African heritage.

Afro Plant-Based Markets & Festivals

Partnering with local venues, businesses and non-profits to offer vegans, plant-based, and veggie-curious the opportunity to meet, connect, discover and enjoy the variety of tasty African plant-based food. Introduce plant-based sections in key African festivals / food markets.Provide speaking opportunities to influencers and activists from African heritage (12).jpg

Afro Activism

Partner with local activists to provide educational resources and tips on how to advocate for non-human animals in Africa, taking into considerations cultural aspects.

Increase awareness about the multiple forms of activisms that exist

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