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Educational Institutions Engagement

Encourage African schools & universities to offer more healthy, eco-friendly and tasty plant-based options for both children and students, and work with them to promote the multiple benefits of plant-based food.

Our Ambition


Plant-Based Chefs Consultation

Connect local businesses with both schools & universities to increase plant-based options for the children and students.  Create "Plant-Based Days" campaigns and, provide trainings materials and guidelines.


Farming & Tree planting

Develop farming and tree planting programs with both schools and universities to inspire children and students to love & protect their lands, have a better understanding of their local ecosystem, and to learn how to grow their own food.

University lectures

Connect activists, NGO’s and industry experts to educate students about veganism, and the benefit of a plant-based diet for their health, the environment, the African economy and their careers.


School lectures

Lectures adapted to children from activists and NGO's to educate them about veganism and the benefit of a plant-based diet for their health and the environment.


Tailored degrees, courses and internships

Work with leading African universities to develop dedicated courses and degrees about nutrition, seasonal agriculture, sustainability, animal ethics and ethology, with a focus on the African continent. ​

Connect universities with relevant businesses and NGO's to develop dedicated internship & volunteering programmes.


Animal Sanctuaries & National Reserves

Encourage schools to organise visits to animal sanctuaries and national reserves to inspire the children to connect with non-human animals, to understand better their intelligence, personalities and key role in the ecosystem.


Support financially when possible

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