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Encourage African businesses to use a plant-based food system as a sustainable business opportunity adapted to African's needs, and provide them with the necessary knowledge, insights and resources.

Our Ambition

Business Consultation

Providing knowledge and insights to African businesses on the plant-based industry via articles, reports, newsletters, calls, and guides on alternative proteins to help them better understand the market.


Encourage innovation in the development of alternative proteins Made in Africa.


Facilitate funding and scaling via connections and strategic partnerships.


Host panel of discussion online via webinars on the plant-based market in Africa, with industry experts, food scientists, distributors, retailers, and restaurant chains to better understand the challenges and opportunities.


Networking events, Conferences,

Fairs & Trade Shows

Partnering with local venues and organisations to offer African businesses the opportunity to learn more about the plant-based industry, and to connect with potential business partners via networking events, conferences, and trade shows.

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Food services consultation

Encourage restaurants and corporate catering businesses to develop more plant-based options, and support them with education, training materials and promotion to increase their visibility among their target audience.

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